Welcome to 2017: an era of cable cutting and unlimited data. People no longer mark off times in their schedule to gather around the old television in their living rooms. The world moves too fast for that, people want what they want and want it whenever they can get it. Time management is the new home economics. As such when you want to actually sit down and watch that new Netflix Original show, or listen to your fave new visual album that dropped as a super surprise last night at midnight from your favourite Beyoncé, you need to be able to get at it right away. Understanding how the game has changed, Samsung has released their latest tablet to meet these demands with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Ideal for walking around your home and watching the latest episode of Riverdale, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 features Quad speakers tuned by AKG with amazing immersive sound, Super AMOLED display with 4K video playback and HDR video compatibility (in case you want to play video games or invite some friends over too). The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 makes for the perfect cinematic experience.

After you’ve watched your fill of Vice News, you can casually flip through that Frank Ocean digital album (you’ve been meaning to for months) without worrying about it running out of battery. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the first tablet to support Fast Charging, and lasts up to 12 hours – that’s like over a hundred music videos!

Aside from the awesomeness that is the video experience, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 also comes with the advanced S Pen which features a 0.7mm tip with increased pressure sensitivity, which makes writing quick notes, taking screengrabs of your fave music videos, drawing pictures, or recording a GIF super easy.

If you need a little more than just a pen, you can also purchase the magnetic keyboard. The keyboard definitely helps if you’re planning to get some work done between Netflix sessions, and the improved layout and well-spaced keys make the keyboard great for working from home (read: bed). Send off those emails ASAP and get back to your Girlboss binge.

So if you’re looking for a tablet perfect for your preferred media consumption (with a whole lot more packed in), definitely check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

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