There was the Galaxy Watch, and now, there’s another option to choose from: the Galaxy Watch Active2. The Galaxy Watch Active2 features a more fashion-forward aesthetic, exponentially more customization and connectivity capabilities – it’s something to get excited about.

The Galaxy Watch Active2 has a gorgeous design, with a round interface and curved touch screen, two size options – 40mm or 44mm in diameter and two material choices – stainless steel or lightweight aluminum. The customization options beyond that are near infinite. Choose from 6 different pre-loaded watchfaces (premium analog, a sunset gradation option and others) plus thousands to access through the Galaxy store, various strap options including 5 types materials and dozens of colours, including millennial pink, sleek earth tones and bright hues and best of all, a cool new colour extraction algorithm. Customize your watch type, strap and watchface on Samsung’s clever mix and match page. By pairing your smartphone and taking a photo of your outfit, the Watch Active2 will customize a watch face to match your personal style.

Beyond the beauty, the Galaxy Watch Active2 is a perfect wellness partner, as we discovered. These days, getting our workouts in and maximizing our sleep is of utmost importance. The Watch Active2 can track almost 40 different types of workouts, including automatic tracking of running, walking and swimming (yes, it’s water resistant!). With a built-in running coach, it provides real-time feedback, monitoring your pace and guiding you on speed – we don’t have to awkwardly clutch our phone anymore and tap on our fitness apps to keep track. For sleep, the Watch Active2 uses enhanced sleep analysis algorithms to encourage healthy sleep patterns. Plus, when we want to relax the Watch connects to Calm, our favourite sleep and meditation app, to guide us through interactive meditation and breathing exercises to help us relax and feel refreshed.

Samsung also recently launched the Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armour edition. Specially designed for performance athletes, this watch is the one for the pros who want to take their fitness to the next level. Visit the product page here for more info on this one.

With the LTE version now available as well, phone calls and social media are a breeze, so leaving your phone at home won’t leave you missing out on anything. Another cool new feature is the Galaxy Watch Active2’s real-time voice and text translation, which offers options for 16 languages. Such a bonus when travelling! And of course, the Watch Active2 syncs up with everything you need it to – Spotify, MyFitnessPal and moves seamlessly between apps.

Whether you want to be completely connected and updated with all your notifications, relaxing in ‘off’ mode, or somewhere in between, the Galaxy Watch Active2 provides you with the customization options to complement your lifestyle.

And of course, as part of the Samsung family, the Watch Active2 connects with Galaxy smartphones (and non Samsung devices as well!) to create an even more enhanced experience, allowing you to take photos remotely, begin recording video and more. You can also connect with Samsung Pay, Samsung Health and SmartThings, not to mention Samsung Knox, the defense-grade security platform.

We took our Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Watch Active2 for a spin over the course of a week and learned that yes, we could leave home without our phone, stay connected and keep up with our lifestyle through a new fashion accessory and a quick flick of the wrist. and most major retailers across Canada are carrying the Bluetooth and LTE edition, beginning at $369.99, so get them while they’re hot.

*This post was made possible by Samsung, however opinions expressed are our own.