Don’t listen to the calendar – it’s still summer in Canada, and we’re living our best life. Music festivals, cottage weekends, park days and patios – we’re on an eternal high with sunny days and endless things to do. And of course, we haven’t really experienced any of it unless we capture these precious moments on camera.

With its Galaxy S9 smartphone and 360° degree camera, the Gear 360, Samsung is shaking up how we capture and share our lives. Using two cameras to take panoramic photos and videos, the Galaxy S9 paired with the Gear 360 shoots every angle in spectacular 4K. The Galaxy S9 is also able to record in super slo-mo, recording at 960 frames per second – an added bonus for those cool action shots. And, best of all, the Galaxy S9 features a dual aperture, so lighting conditions are automatically adjusted, giving you perfect lighting every time. All this, in a smartphone camera – plus, once paired with the Gear 360, we could capture even more epic 360 footage in 4k.

We were already big fans of the Galaxy S9, but we had never tried the Gear 360 – so we took both for a spin at Lollapalooza (one of the biggest festivals in North America) earlier this month and loved what it had to offer. Here are our highlights below:

Music festivals are marathons of endurance, and we need our devices to last. The Gear 360 has an incredibly long battery life and can record more than 250GB with a microSD card. We were impressed at how long it was able to keep up with us throughout the weekend.

The Gear 360 allows you to go live on social, so you can share real-time footage with your network. No one has to miss a moment with the camera’s live broadcast function. Want to share the epic set you’re experiencing with someone who’s missing out? Your Gear 360 paired with your Galaxy smartphone is all you need.

We were able to shoot incredible footage during some of our favourite sets of both the crowd and the stage and with the Gear 360 app, editing the coverage to switch between multiple views is a breeze. As we’re starting to relive some our favourite music festival moments from the summer, converting the content into standard video and photo format has been streamlined and easy.

And with the Galaxy S9’s large Infinity Display, we were able to view our footage easily with less scrolling, another huge plus for this device and camera combo. As the summer continues to fly by with road trips, outdoor shows, food festivals and beach days, we’re taking our Galaxy S9 and Gear 360 with us everywhere we go.

*Promotional consideration provided by Samsung Canada.