Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch

Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch

Have you ever wished you had a watch that was compltely compatible with your phone, allowing you control certain aspects of your phone right from the face of the watch? Samsung has created an interesting new device with the new Galaxy Gear which allows you to do just that! Compatible with specific smartphone devices, the new Samsung Galaxy Gear is clearly more than just a simple watch.

In terms of usability, it’s super easy to synch your Galaxy Gear with your smartphone, provided it’s one of the compatible smartphones. Once synched you can easily transfer photos, contact info, and even connect using bluetooth with ease between the two devices.

The Galaxy Gear makes notifications like hangouts, text messages, twitter notifications, and missed calls available to see  straight from your smart phone. You can make a phone call using the keypad on the Galaxy Gear; no need to even take your phone out of your pocket! It even has a voice recognition program which allows the use of voice commands for your Galaxy Gear and smartphone, in addition to making voice memos and recordings. Other features include a photo gallery, media controller, pedometer, call log, stop watch and timer, as well as a weather app and calendar. Almost all of the above apps can be used in tandem with your smart phone through a simple bluetooth connection.

The device itself works using a simple swipe technology. To navigate from one option to another, swipe left or right on the touch screen, and then simply tap to finalize your choice. Need to exit out of an app? Simply swipe up and down on the screen. The digital watch not only shows the date and time, but the current weather in your current location. The sleek design features a large flat screen, allowing for easy touch screen mechanics, with some bulk for a camera on the band in which you can take pictures and upload them straight to your phone.

Visually the devise comes with a outer case which almost looks like leather, to fit around the watch to enable it to charge (it’s also compatible with any Andriod phone charger). It’s comfortable to wear for extended periods of time without discomfort or intrusion, and the whole sleek package could definitely act as an accessory to any number of outfits. It’s not exactly the most ladylike design, appealing more to a male demographic, even though it comes in a wide range of colours.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is available a your nearest TELUS location. Stop by soon and give it a shot!