Riot Fest Toronto 2014: The Flaming Lips, DFA 1979, Rise Against, Brand New, Paul Weller & Taking Back Sunday

Flaming Lips 3

Downsview park may have been in rough shape due to some angsty weather, but that didn’t dampen the mood of the thousands of goers ready to get rowdy at this year’s 3rd annual Toronto Riot Fest. We hope everyone was wearing disposable footwear because chances are that new pair of Converse you bought specifically for the weekend are completely trashed, unless of course you chose a pair of their new rubberized chucks.

Day one Riot Festers saw it all, from mud fights, wrestling matches, carnival games, and some awesome musical talent. Crowd participation levels were at an all time high for bands like Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and Rise Against. Paul Weller grooved the older attendees, while Death From Above 1979 offended their fans (as usual), and the Flaming Lips tripped everyone out. All in all, a fantastic way to start the weekend.

Check out our snaps below.


Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday 1

Taking Back Sunday 3

Taking Back Sunday 4

Taking Back Sunday 5

Taking Back Sunday 6

Paul Weller

Paul Weller 1

Paul Weller 2

Paul Weller 3

Paul Weller 4

Random Wrestlers?

Wrestlers 1

Wrestlers 2

Wrestlers 3

Brand New

Brand New 1

Brand New 2

Brand New 3

Rise Against

Mud Fight 1

Mud Fight 2

Mud Fight 3

Rise Against 1

Rise Against 2

Rise Against 3

Rise Against 4

Rise Against 5

Rise Against 6

Rise Against 7

Rise Against 8


Death From Above 1979

DFA 1979 at Riot Fest 2014


The Flaming Lips

Flaming Lips 3

Flaming Lips 2

Flaming Lips 4

Flaming Lips 6