German luxury luggage manufacturer RIMOWA has announced a limited-edition collection inspired by archival designs from the brand’s rich 125+ year history. Titled Hammerschlag, the two-piece collection is a reimagining of the brand’s iconic 1966 design, referred to by the German term, meaning ‘hammer hit’ in English for its distinctive textured aluminum surface. The collection features the Hammerschlag Hand-Carry Case and a new complementary piece, the Hammerschlag Cabin.


The Hammerschlag collection draws inspiration from the Maison’s vast archival collection and elements from the world of music, particularly connections between the cases’ unique patterns and the rhythmic motions of piano keys that produce sound. Because of this collection, RIMOWA has teamed up with renowned German musician and composer Nils Frahm, who performs his track ‘Hammers’ for the launch campaign.



The collection is made in Germany and features new elements and functionalities designed to meet the needs of modern travellers while still exuding the classic look and feel. A key difference, and tbh one that is bold and more comfortable than the original, is the cognac leather handle on the cases instead of the iconic and distinctive metal handle bridge, which made the 1966 archival design unique.

Only 966 Hand Carry and 1898 Cabin pieces have been meticulously handcrafted, each of which features its own unique number. The RIMOWA Hammerschlag collection will be available soon, and if you are the type of traveller who likes the distinguished look of the 1960s heyday of air travel, these are for you. You can purchase them at your local RIMOWA store or online.