Luxury luggage maker RIMOWA continues its long tradition of collaboration with a surprisingly insightful brand, NYC streetwear brand Aimé Leon Dore, on a new collection. With Aime Leon Dore’s penchant for the good old days, the collection vibe is that of the golden age of travel with a love for timelessness. The collection consists of the RIMOWA x AIMÉ LEON DORE Chest and the RIMOWA x AIMÉ LEON DORE Cabin, handcrafted in Germany and made with Aimé Leon Dore’s signature green colour.

Both pieces feature gold-plated hardware such as locks and corner caps, brown leather handles, and straps with gold embellishments. Inside is a vibey bespoke nylon lining with signature artwork by Aimé Leon Dore featuring ancient Greek stamp iconography.

Take a thorough look at the collaboration between RIMOWA and AIMÉ LEON DORE below. The limited edition collection will be available in-store and online at on Friday, May 31.