A site-specific dance performance choreographed by Brendan Fernandes is currently showing at the Allen Lambert Galleria in Toronto’s Brookfield Place.

The performance was choreographed to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and features ballet, mime and silent cheers. As a Kenyan-Indian-Canadian, Fernandes uses classical ballet to investigate identity and power dynamics. The work uses ballet’s classical bow as a symbol of the ritual of révérence. The piece is performed with no stage or music and invites the audience to move with the dancers. Fernandes has removed the formality of the bow, allowing the audience and performers to interact expressing gratitude to each other and to Canada.

Révérence will be performed July 10-14 at 12:15 p.m. daily at the Allen Lambert Galleria in Brookfield Place. Check out a few shots of the performance below.

Photographs by Ernesto Di Stefano