Renowned visual artist KAWS has lent his distinctive artwork to a New York City basketball court in an initiative helmed by Nike and the New York City Parks and Recreation Department. KAWS, real name Brian Donnelly, told HYPEBEAST of the project: “The design for the courts is consistent with the work that I’m doing now. Whenever I get into a project, the work that comes out definitely ties in with the paintings that are in my studio. I wanted to make a court that held its own graphically, but also very functional for the players so there are no distractions when playing ball. Also, working with the material given … working within the confines that has been given.” The area also holds special significance for the artist, as he moved to Manhattan’s Lower East Side when he first moved to the city from Jersey. If you’re in the New York City area be sure to pop by and check out the spectacle at the Sara D. Roosevelt Park in Manhattan’s Lower East Side (Chrystie and Forsyth Street).