Reebok Spring 2011 Alien Stomper Sneaker

Nothing appeals more to my heart than a pair of sci-fi inspired sneakers! Reebok has decided to re-release the 80’s classic, Alien Stomper high top sneaker in a brand new silhouette. Originally introduced in the early 80’s, the sneaker was advertised as being ‘a shoe that you wont see for 150 years.’, which was a little off the mark, but hey, give them some credit. The original sneaker style featured more sci-fi stylings with multiple straps, but the re-release takes a more minimalist approach with only two straps, and paneling in a suede and leather combo. The sneaker comes in the tradition Rebook palette, with a navy/grey/white and red/grey/white colourway. These sneakers will be available at Reebook account holders soon.