Reebok Reethym of Lite Campaign Japan

As we are so often want to point out… remember that time we went to New York to party with Swizz Beatz to ring in the new Reebok Classic’s “Reethym of Lite” campaign? Well it looks like it’s Asia’s turn, oh, and why weren’t we invited to THAT party? Working under the creative direction of VERBAL, Reebok’s latest campaign is inspired by the conservation efforts that have occurred in Japan following the events of earlier this year. Enlisting creative agency Superbien to create a futuristic cityscape backdrop, Reebok’s latest campaign features an all-Asian cast which includes Norwegian Wood’s Kiko Mizuhara and Japanese male model Daisuke Ueda. All models are clad in Reebok Lite’s latest offerings which include pop-colored apparels and heritage-inspired footwear. The rest of the creative team includes celebrated photographer Doi Koichiro, visual director Yoon, stylist Shun Watanabe, and make-up artist Moma.