Reebok Pump Respect Pack – continued

“Be beautiful if you can, Wise if you want to… But be respected-that is essential.” Anna Gould.

Picking up where we left off yesterday, we continue our look at the Reebok Pump Respect Pack from the upcoming Spring 2010 collection. Yesterdays series of kicks paid homage to the original 90’s InstaPump Fury sneaker, and today’s pack is a tribute to the original colourway of the Pump Running Dual, one of my personal favourites. The grey/purple/coral colourway of all three shoes works flawlessly with all the shoes in the pack, but really mix perfectly in the Pump Omni Lite, shown above. The almost total purple colourway of the Court Victory Pump, and the fully blended colourway of the Insta Pump Fury, shown below respectively, offer a sorted selection in the pack. The Reebok Pump Respect Pack is one of the finest series of tribute sneakers I have seen recently. All the shoes accomplish their intended goal of paying respect to their predecessors in a modern and stylish way.

They are all available at select retailers now.