Reebok Classics & Swizz Beatz Present: Reethym of Lite (Teaser & Behind the Scenes)

After incredibly successful launch of his Kamikaze high top sneaker, Swizz Beatz continues to revitalize the athletic brand with the new Reebok Reethym of Lite campaign. Swizz hooked up with acclaimed director Chris Robinson and choreographer Hi-Hat to create an epic party,where all cultures converge on a world stage for the International Party music video. Featuring the lightest Reebok Classics collection, dancers pulse to the rhythm of a prismatic, laser light show all of which was orchestrated by Swizz. The overall kinetic performance is the perfect backdrop for Swizz’s new track and TV spot which debuts this July. Take a look at the behind the scenes making of, and the teaser trailer for the Reethym of Lite campaign.

Behind the Scenes