Reebok Classics: Shaquille O’Neal Interview with Swizz Beatz at Project 2013

Reebok Classics Project 2013 Shaq Swizz Beatz Interview

In 1992, Reebok was looking to make the strongest possible statement on the court.  At the time, the brand had success with key basketball silhouettes including The Pump, however Reebok desired to make an even bigger, bolder impact. After partnering with the brand, Shaq went on to become Rookie of the Year and play in two of the most revered basketball shoes of all time — the Shaq Attaq and the Shaqnosis.

Longtime, close friend of Shaq from back in his playing days, Creative Director Swizz Beatz knew the time was right to bring back the iconic Reebok Classic Shaq Attaq and Reebok Classic Shaqnosis. Swizz brought Shaq on stage to reminisce about being the first athlete with a signature shoe for Reebok, his days in the league, his first Reebok ad, doing music with Shaq, and more. Swizz and Shaq also talked in depth about the Reebok Classic Shaq Attaq and Reebok Classic Shaqnosis.  Watch below.