Reebok CL Ultralite

Reebok’s new approach to technical performance through lifestyle stylings takes shape with the CL Ultralite sneaker series. The CL Ultralites come in both a full leather body as well as a half leather paired with synthetic material for breathability and lightness. The sneaker takes its design cues from the popular Reebok Classics running shoe models, but incorporates the coolness factor of the Pump.

I am definitely bias when I say that these are probably the most comfortable lowcut sneaker I own, and I own two pairs of them. The one prominent and very noticeable feature of the CL Ultralite’s is that the shoe IS ultra lite. When I walk in them I can noticeably feel the difference, my step has more hop to it, it makes me feel like I am walking faster. Although I must point out that although they are Ultra Lite, the shoes are extremely comfortable, the insoles of the shoes are perfectly balanced to compensate for the lightness of the show. The Reebok CL Ultralite’s are available now at all quality stockists and I strongly recommend all you sneakerheads out there go get a pair.