Reebok Canada presents ‘YourReebok’ Customized Shoe Program

As a serious sneaker head, one of the most irksome things about living in Canada was the inability to participate in the abundance of custom shoe-design programs various shoe makers have. For whatever reason there was simply no way to take your favourite shoe and give it that sweet design and colourway that best expresses your unique taste and look. Until now.

Reebok Canada has announced their new YourReebok custom platform, which allows Canadian sneakerphiles to design their own pair of Reebok shoes. Reebok’s innovative shoe customization technology provides us Canadians with the opportunity to create and purchase one-of-a-kind shoes utilizing the brands hottest silhouettes.  With YourReebok you can choose from the CrossFit Nano 2.0, the CrossFit Oly Lifter, the RealFlex, the ZigTech and the Pump Omni, each with up to Twenty-three different areas of the shoe to customize, a choice of 19 colours, four materials and the option to add text. A pair of fully customized shoes will range from $99.99 to $189.99 depending on the style, materials and optional extras chosen. Shipping fee is $10 within Canada.

“At Reebok, we are committed to offering our customers an innovative shopping experience and the latest in performance footwear. We are very excited to bring the YourReebok platform to Canadians,” said Stewart Clark, brand leader at Reebok. “We want people to be able to personalize their workout by showing their own colours through their customized Reebok shoes.”

Take a look at the fresh pair of Sidewalk Hustle limited edition Men’s Pump Running Dual sneakers we made. Our custom pair of sneakers feature metallic gold laces, Stingray leather all over, a custom SH on the side back panel, and crazy cool speckled yellow soles. The interface was nice and easy, straight forward and intuitive to use, making the whole process fun. The hardest part of the custom process was simply trying to choose from the abundance of choice. Not a bad thing.

Want a pair for yourself? Then visit Reebok Canada now and get to customizing.