Reebok Canada CFL Premier Jersey ‘Toronto Argonauts’

Growing up in Canada and having heard stories of the good old days, when you could drink whiskey from your own flask whilst standing outside in the snow heckling the opposition team, the Canadian Football League has always been a part of my historical and cultural identity. Moreover, the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts are the only team Toronto really has that proves to be good at their sport, so naturally I was excited when I heard that our good friends over at Reebok have hooked up with the CFL to be their official outfitters.

Just in time for training camp, the eight CFL teams will start the new season with a brand new re-engineered jersey. Each of the teams played an active role in developing not only their new re-engineered on field jerseys, but also the look of the new Premier jersey available to their fans. “The idea was to make each team’s jersey unique while still incorporating the same technological advances,” said Tania Enciso, CFL Product Manager at Reebok Canada.

“The year of the 100th Grey Cup is an opportunity for us to celebrate our proud past and launch our bright future,” said CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon. “And through our partnership with Reebok, with their expertise in professional football jersey design, CFL teams will kickoff this historic season with brand new jerseys that feature the latest in technology as they travel the road to the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto.”

Tested in the lab and on the field, the players’ jersey features a variety of improvements, including enhanced elasticity and moisture resistance. Lighter and more fitted, the new generation of Reebok CFL jerseys offers greater range of motion and movement to players.

Reebok is also expanding its jersey line for fans by offering a new Premier jersey. The new model is made of a double polyester mesh for improved durability. “Reebok wanted to offer a new version of the fan jersey that’s as close as possible to those worn on the field. We’re delighted with the results and I think we can honestly say mission accomplished!” said Stewart Clark, Marketing Director at Reebok Canada.

While the players will get to try out their new jerseys at training camp, fans will be able to get theirs from Tuesday, May 1 to Monday, May 7 on, on each team website as well as at their respective stores. Starting Tuesday, May 8, the jersey will also be available at Sport Chek, Sports Experts, River City Sports, Jersey City Canada and other select retailers. The suggested retail price is $109.99.