RED presents the 8K Vista Vision Forged Weapon

This ones for all you camera nerds and video geeks, digital camera company RED is pushing the envelope by releasing an 8K RAW model camera. The Weapon ‘Vista Vision’ camera has an incredible 8192 x 4320, 35-megapixel sensor that can do up to 75 fps widescreen 8K. The chip inside the camera is slightly wider than a standard full-frame 35mm sensor at 40.96mm x 21.6mm, and video can be recorded in RAW and scaled-down ProRes formats simultaneously. Of course this incredibly impressive piece of hardware is not cheap, the camera body costs $49,500 USD, with an additional $20,000 for the 8K sensor upgrade. But if you are truly a video camera nerd, you probably already have the RED Scarlet or Epic camera, which will get you credits towards the Weapon models. It’s nutso. Watch the video above.