Running late on a Monday morning and you don’t have change for your coffee? No problem. Getting a quick lunchtime manicure and left your wallet at the office? Don’t sweat it. With Samsung Pay, you never have to be without the card you need. Whether you’re running errands, catching a movie, or grabbing groceries on the weekend, all you need is your Samsung phone and Samsung Pay. Plus now, Samsung Pay is compatible with RBC cards.

That’s right RBC clients! You can now use tap with Samsung Pay for purchases up to $100 CAD with your RBC cards. You can also use Samsung Pay to redeem RBC Rewards points on your purchase with select RBC credit cards. A first in the mobile payment industry, RBC clients will be able to apply up to $100 CAD worth of RBC Rewards points for any Canadian transactions.

You’ll also accumulate points every time you choose to pay with points. So it’s a win-win for RBC clients and we are totally here for it!

Paying with RBC Rewards points is super simple. Swipe up for your RBC Rewards credit card, select the button below the card that says “Pay with RBC Rewards”, choose the number of points you want to use before making your purchase and then authenticate with your PIN, thumb or Iris. Tap on the POS terminal and you’re done! Once approved, you’ll receive a confirmation of the points you’ve redeemed, which will appear as a statement credit in a few days. And you’ll earn RBC Rewards points on the full value of your purchase!
For more information on RBC Rewards hit the link.

Not familiar with Samsung Pay yet? Let us break it down for you real quick

Samsung Pay!
Out with the old, in with the new. Digital wallets are the new standard and Samsung Pay is one of the best mobile payment systems launched in Canada recently.

New to Samsung Pay? It’s incredibly straightforward to set up.
Download Samsung Pay on your Galaxy phone (G need to put in A5, A8, Note 5, Note 8), sign in to your Samsung account, and set up Samsung Pay. You scan your credit and debit cards, in addition to any loyalty card. The app is compatible with almost any POS system in Canada and works with most including RBC (new!) Visa, MasterCard, INTERAC CIBC Visa, MasterCard, INTERAC, Scotiabank Visa, INTERAC, American Express Canada, and ATB Financial MasterCard, INTERAC cards.

Worried about security? Samsung Pay has you covered.
Samsung Pay makes payment secure by using three different levels of security to protect payments: fingerprint or iris authentication, tokenization and Samsung Knox.

How does it work?
When making a transaction, all you have to do is swipe up from the home button to choose your card, scan your fingerprint or put in your PIN and tap. It couldn’t be easier to use. Payments can’t be made without your fingerprint or PIN, so you don’t need to worry about losing your phone.

*Promotional consideration provided by Samsung. Opinions expressed are our own.