Not sure how we missed this 90s magic Rashida Jones dropped a couple days ago, but it’s pretty amazing, just like the 90s, so we thought we’d share it with you. She teamed up with Boss Selection who is actually her nephew Sunny Levine, to produce a video for “Flip and Rewind” that fondly has is dreaming of the 90s.

The clip features cameos from ermaine Dupri, The Buckley Girls, Samantha Ronson, Kidada Jones, Martina Jones, Tevin Campbell, Sal Masekela, Sunny Levine, Ben Baller and Andre Harrell, and thanks TLC, Mary J Blige, Boys II Men, Keith Sweat, Brandy, Adina Howard, LL Cool J and Xscape, for being the inspiration behind it.

Watch it above now.