With the unprecedented success of the George R. R. Martin’s A Game Of Thrones, thanks to HBO’s crazy good show, we would be hard-pressed to find someone who wasn’t aware of the greater world of Westeros. To celebrated the 20th anniversary of the book that launched a million (legal torrent downloads) Random House has announced a special edition version of the worldwide bestselling book with A GAME OF THRONES: ENHANCED EDITION, exclusively on Apple’s iBooks.

The A GAME OF THRONES: ENHANCED EDITION gives fans the ultimate reading experience, incorporating a world of additional content that enriches and enlivens Book One in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series; Books Two through Five will follow in the coming months. Readers can delve deeper into the history of some of the great houses of Westeros and stay on top of the epic storylines through enhanced content, including gorgeous new covers, interactive character maps, detailed annotations, character journeys and timelines, family trees and histories, audio clips narrated by actor Roy Dotrice, and so much more!

“We’re now entering a new period in the history of publishing,” said author George R.R. Martin. “The digital book gives readers the ability to experience all this rich secondary material that had not been possible before. These enhanced editions available only on iBooks include sigils and family trees and glossaries. Anything that confuses you, anything you want to know more about, it’s right there at your fingertips. It’s an amazing next step in the world of books.”

Trust us when we say that, these books are so full of background knowledge and ridiculous details that all these new features will actually make reading the book easier! Listen to George R.R. Martin talk about all these extras below.

Also, if you are a diehard fan, the book also features the inclusion of an excerpt from the highly anticipated Book Six in the series, The Winds of Winter.

A GAME OF THRONES: ENHANCED EDITION is available exclusively on iBooks in English in the U.S. ($8.99) and Canada at apple.co/gameofthrones via Random House. Happy reading!