Push A12, for Mascara: Not your Average Vending Machine

Beauty Vending Machines

Makeup junkies everywhere, save your change!  Beauty Vending Machines are coming to a mall and airport near you. FARS (fully automated retail stores) can now be found in airports and malls in the US.  3FLOZ.com (if you don’t know this website, get to know it!) started this craze, selling some of the most covetable, pint-sized beauty items in their vending machines.

The always adorable Benefit Cosmetics was quick to follow and launched “Glam Up & Away”  (incredibly cute, pink truck vending machine filled with mini benefit goodies at JFK Airport, NY). They are scheduled to open in 25 airports in the next year. Other beauty faves like Elizabeth Arden, Chanel, SephoraLoreal and Proactive have also opened machines at select locations.

No word on when we might have one in Toronto, but fingers crossed that we can soon grab a mascara-to-go rather than a twinkie.

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