PUMA XS-500 Woven

PUMA XS-500 Woven-1

PUMA has released the third iteration of their XS-500 silhouette, coming in 5 different colourways in an intricate woven design. The PUMA XS-500 Woven sneaker pack takes its design cues from the Trinomic family, while retaining its predecessor’s sporty style but in a much cleaner, sleeker cut. These new sneakers will be available at PUMA Lab Powered by Foot Locker locations on May 22, as well as other select retailers. Take a closer look at all the 5 different colourways below.

PUMA XS-500 Woven-2

PUMA XS-500 Woven-3

PUMA XS-500 Woven-4

PUMA XS-500 Woven-5

PUMA XS-500 Woven-6

PUMA XS-500 Woven-7

PUMA XS-500 Woven-8