The latest Puma Women campaign is out fronted by model and actress Cara Delevingne. The “DO YOU” campaign wants to inspire and motivate women. Delevingne has always been a bit of a rebel, since her early modeling days. She’s grown into someone who speaks her mind about sexism, misogyny, and homophobia, admittedly with mixed results.

To ‘DO YOU’ is to take ownership of yourself and finding the power within that ownership —it’s a very powerful statement. It’s about accepting who you are, no matter your faults.  ‘DO YOU’ is about finding your truth and sticking to it. I think it’s so special because it means something different for everyone.  It specifically encourages people to be themselves. – Cara Delevingne

Close friend and fellow outspoken artist Rihanna served as creative director for “DO YOU.” Delevingne is joined by Mimi Staker and Olivia Boisson of the New York City Ballet, German track and field athletes Alexandra Wester and Tatjana Pinto, and Cuban volleyball players Leila onsuelo Ortega Martinez and Lianma Flores Stable.

The campaign launches this month with cross-category training, running, and sportstyle products through December. Check it out below. It looks to have been shot in NYC’s Lower East Side. Peep Katz’ Deli!

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