Private White V.C.’s Modern WW II Jeep Jacket

Private White VC Jeep Jacket 2

British brand Private White V.C. loves to give historical garments a modern refresh. Originally designed in WWII, the Jeep Jacket has been completely restructured giving it a bit more of a fitted look and making it warmer for our epically cold winter temperatures.

Creating an extra layer of insulation with a wool layer in between the outer layer and the lining, this WW II Jeep Jacket is more than ready to brave the cold weather. Made in Manchester, this jacket comes with detailing like a real shearling collar and military-grade hardware accents and is available in two colourways, including khaki and lovat, and is available on Private White V.C.’s website now.

Private White VC Jeep Jacket 3

Private White VC Jeep Jacket 1