Preview: Festival de Musique Émergente/Emerging Music Festival


We couldn’t be more excited to head to Festival de Musique Émergente/Emerging Music Festival. This festival tucked away in the heart of Quebec offers an incredible platform for the discovery of emerging artists. Held over three days from September 3 -6 FME seems small but manages to draw the best and brightest musicians who perform in both English and French. Now in it’s 13th year the 2015 edition the fest features acts like Deerhoof and The Dodos. There’s something for everyone including New York punk rockers The Fleshtones . We’re most stoked about the quality of emerging artists that perform in French. Most notably Barrasso and Corridor who have their fingers on the pulse of their English language counterparts, and dare we say they do it better.

Check out our playlist of some of the artist’s playing FME 2015 and start planning for a trip out in 2016.