Barack Obama, AKA the coolest President of the United States of all time, has teamed up with Spotify to share two new summer playlists. Featuring one playlist of tracks to enjoy during the day and the other to get you through the night, Obama’s got your final weeks of summertime chillout covered with some seriously awesome selections. From tracks by artists such as Courtney Barnett, Nas, and Gary Clark Jr. making it onto his Day playlist, to Fiona Apple, Janet Jackson, and D’Angelo’s appearances on his Night playlist, Obama retains his title as the coolest American political figure.

POTUS and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, both shared summery playlists on Spotify last summer, so we’re glad to see he’s keeping the tradition alive during his final term in the Oval Office. Maybe Spotify can consider convincing the Obama’s to curate future playlists after they leave the White House? We’d totally dig it.

Check out Barack Obama’s song selections and stream each of his playlists below.

Obama Summer Playlist Day

Obama Summer Playlist Night