Wilt is the ambient guitar pop project of Taylor Malsey, who’s also a member of Drowse. This Friday, the Portland artist releases his debut album on Good Cheer Records. Titled Hand Mirror, the LP is a warm blanket that cloaks you in nostalgia and melancholy. “The world and people don’t wrap around you securely like they did when you were a child” as Taylor Malsey explains. “A couple of the songs were impending breakup songs – almost like describing an alternate timeline where your anxieties and fears come true.”

But like a good break-up movie Wilt’s Hand Mirror is reflective (as the name implies) and more soothing than triggering. To say it’s simply soft rock doesn’t do it justice, as Hand Mirror presents more complex layers, making for easy listening that reveals itself as you sink in. While Malsey has said he aimed to make the album “feel lonely” in a gentle way, Hand Mirror reminds you that you’re not alone.

Needless to say, we here at Sidewalk Hustle are stoked to hook you up with a sweet stream of this album before it drops. Chill out, lay in the park alone and let this one take you away.

Wilt’s Hand Mirror comes out this Friday, August 4 via Good Cheer Records. Stream the album below and pre-order it here.