Montreal’s Matthew Chaim may be new to the scene but he’s hitting the ground running. Crediting Childish Gambino’s early mixtapes and Frank Ocean as influences, Chaim is ready to join the ranks with his own brand of emotional R&B smothered in bass. Earlier this year Chaim released “”Vanilla Ways” on JUS POP and now Sidewalk Hustle is pleased to premiere his new single “Untitled”. Produced by Noah Barer & Cavewerk, “Untitled” is an honest slow burner which reflects on growth, the creative process and graduating from the kids table. As Chaim explained to us…

This song is called “Untitled” because it’s song about writing songs. And at some point, all songs are “untitled”.

I like writing songs about writing songs, not so much because I think being meta is mega cool, but because I’m interested in people’s processes and reasons for creating, and how they change over time.

How and why I write songs has changed drastically over the last year. Mainly because I’ve been pushed to grow as a person and as a writer by those around me.

Listen to the “Untitled” below.
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