Orangeville, Ontario plez-rock four-piece Falcon Jane released their self-recoded sophomore album alive n well last summer, and now Sidewalk Hustle is pleased to premiere their video for “The Bad One” their reflective soft single. As singer Sara May explained…

I wrote this song while someone I loved was treating me like a suspect. I was being labelled as a bad person and I wanted to find out why.
I was a bad kid when I was little. My best friend and I were rule breakers, bullies, vandals. The people around us hated, feared and avoided us. I thought I had grown out of these traits, and steered myself onto “the right path” as I got older.
This song is about self-realization. It’s about seeing someone else’s perception of you when you look in the mirror and trying to make sense of it.

Directed by Marco K Baldonado, the video is has an eerie nostalgic feel. As Baldonado revealed…

We somehow manage not to get hurt by the skin of our teeth. The footage was captured on a dv camera.

There’s a lot of ways you can read the video but what I think it tries to capture is all the fun and games of being young plus the moment when you’re 6 beers deep and you wonder whether you’re too old for this shit.

Watch Falcon Jane’s video for “The Bad One” below.

Falcon Jane “The Bad One” from Marco K. Baldonado on Vimeo.

Falcon Jane’s new album alive n well is out now. Grab a copy here.