Today eclectic electronic Canadian art punk Petra Glynt releases her much anticipated debut album, titled This Trip, out on Vibe Over Method (founded by LA producer Damian Taylor). With this, Sidewalk Hustle is ecstatic to premiere the Hunh Remix of Petra Glynt’s album cut Propangada by Thom Monahan. Monahan is a member of The Pernice Brothers but is better known as a producer of Devendra Banhart, Vetiver, Au Revoir Simone, and Wild Nothing. As Monahan told Sidewalk Hustle…

The thing that is so apparent the first time you hear Petra Glynt is her commitment. In among the flurry of sounds and rhythms is this clarion call of a voice, centered and radiating state of “being”, pushing forward. Hers is not the music of storytelling and wistful wishing. It is of action and engagement. Connection and presence. In a world of gentle persuasions and unreliable partners of all kinds, that voice and her music is an lighthouse, something to navigate from. Something to take solace in. To absorb and be absorbed. I did my best to meet it in kind.

Fun fact? Monahan’s remix incorporates recordings from the late 1980s in an abandoned train tunnel in Connecticut, where he and a group of friends smashed up a car with sledgehammers, sticks, mallets, and a baseball bat. See if you can hear it.

Listen to the Hunh remix of Petra Glynt’s “Propangada” below.

Petra Glynt’s debut album This Trip comes out today via Vibe Over Method, grab it here. You can also catch her live at the dates listed below.

Oct 27th- Fredericton @ Shiftwork ~
Oct 29th- London, UK @ Oslo Hackney *
Oct 30th- Cardiff @ The Moon *
Oct 31st- Manchester @ Rebellion *
Nov 3rd- Karlsruhe @ Substage*
Nov 4th- Vienna @ Nina Psi *
Nov 5th- Brno @Fleda *
Nov 6th- Krakow @ Klub Re *
Nov 7th- Warsaw @ Poglos *
Nov. 9th- Sopot @ Dwie Zminy *
Nov 10th- Berlin @ Urban Spree *
Nov 11th- Copenhagen @ Stengade
Nov 14th- Montreal @ Le Belmont ^
Nov 15th- Toronto @ The Garrisom ^

~ With Bobbypin
* With Doldrums
^ With EMA and The Blow

Photo by Kate Young