It’s time for you to get to know iamhill. There’s a reason this rising star won an Edmonton Music Award for DJ/Electronic Album of the year. Now the artist formally know as BMBSHL is sounding off in a new way with a new name. Her new EP titled Give It a Rest is set to come out soon and she’s already dropped the title track.

Now, we here at Sidewalk Hustle are hype to drop her latest single “Mine.” Produced by Freddy B (aka “B”) in Edmonton AB, “Mine” is a smooth track that was written by iamhill. It first started out as an experimental jam that B made waaaaaay back in 2007 and now it’s a complete song that focuses on possessive love.

As iamhill explained to us…

“Mine” is a beat that my boy Freddy B made as an experimental jam back in 2007. I dug it out of his archives and toplined it.

The song is about running from a possessive relationship. I’m always bothered by people calling their lover “mine”. I will never belong to another person, nor will anyone ever belong to mine. True love can and should feel like total freedom.”

Listen to “Mine” by iamhill below.

iamhill’s new EP Give It a Rest comes out Feb 20th 2018.