Eclectic electronic Montréal/Toronto producer, visual virtuoso and bone-moving live act Petra Glynt has delivered us a new sonic treat that’s both an enjoyment for the ears and a gentle reminder that our dear home (aka Earth) has only so much to give.

Earlier this year, Petra Glynt, whose real name is Alexandra Mackenzie, took us away while making us realize where we stay with This Trip, the first new track off her upcoming full-length debut on Vibe Over Method (founded by LA producer Damian Taylor), a follow-up to her 2013 EP Of This Land. Now Petra Glynt has shared another new track, titled “Fell In A Hole”. As the Canadian artist told us…

“Fell In A Hole” is about humans taking more than what is sustainable, pointing a finger namely at corporations. It’s a hole we’ve fallen into and need to climb out of. It begins with a reflection from a bird’s eye view and how different their idea is of the landscape and natural world below as they fly above looking for a place to land, food to eat, shelter, etc. and how it greatly differs from a human’s view of it based on how we use it and treat it, specifically in reference to resource extraction and how overconsumption has visibly shaped the landscape. One example being ariel photography of the Canadian Alberta tar sands- it all used to be forest.

Give “Fell In A Hole” by Petra Glynt a listen below.

Stream/download “Fell In A Hole” via your favourite service here and stay tuned for the official video. You can also catch Petra Glynt live at the shows listed below.

July 7th – Doldrums’ “Esc” Album Release with Absolutely Free @ Le Bar Rit, Montreal, Qc.
July 22nd – Walrus Album Release with Future Peers @ The Drake Underground, Toronto, On.
July 28th – Doldrums “Esc” Album Release with Phedre @ The Baby G, Toronto, On.

Photo by Joe Fuda