Caren is the soft indie project of Toronto based singer-songwriter Sharon Nutzati. While you may not know her music yet she’s no newbie, having already spent 4 year touring around Canada and playing festival stages with a solo album under her belt. Influenced by classic Canadian guitar centered femme forward acts like Joni Mitchell, Feist, and Kathleen Edwards, Nutzati joins their ranks and follows their path as Caren. With the help of producer Devon Lougheed (Hey Ocean, Altered By Mom, Smashing Satellites, Bad Pop) Caren has a new self-titled EP due out at the end of this week and we here at Sidewalk Hustle are excited to share the exclusive first listen.

Here’s some words the artist shared with us about her new EP…

I’m so proud of all the hard work Devon Lougheed and I put into this EP. Countless hours went in to tweaking sounds and adding licks to make the songs just right. Writing the EP came so naturally after a break up and months of writer’s block, and the songs reflect that a lot. “Teach Me” is the break up track, trying to be something your partner wants but never being enough. “Come Back” is that post-break up feeling of absence, the ghost of your previous self lingering and missing the familiarity of your life with that partner. “Berlin” is for the summer flings, the loves that ran away just before the honeymoon was over. “Concrete Eyes” is the early stages of the relationship, not knowing where you stand or what’s ahead. Finally, “Luckiest,” is all about the comforting moment in a partnership where you know everything is and will continue to be alright.

This whirlwind of emotional tracks all came from experiences I had in the summer of 2016, and felt very fitting to combine them into an EP. I’m so thankful to everyone who sang a harmony, strummed a guitar, beat a drum, and supported me throughout the creating process.

Listen to Caren’s new self-titled EP below before it comes out this Friday October 13th.

Pre-order Caren’s EP here. You can also catch her live at the dates below.

Tour Dates:
October 15, 2017 Second Wedge Brewing Uxbridge, ON
October 26, 2017 Live on Elgin Ottawa, ON
October 28, 2017 The Spill Peterborough, ON