SWANES are a Toronto based, lo-fi indie vintage-funk pop duo, made-up of brothers Michael and Stefan Gallaugher. The Gallaugher bros have written, recorded and produced music together their whole lives and more recently, they’ve played with the likes of Chad Valley. Last fall, the duo teased their funky debut track Cheap Shots And Two Dollar Beerson Phil Taggart’s BBC 1 Radio show and now they’re set to release their debut EP, titled Biota, this spring.

We here at Sidewalk Hustle are excited to premier “Beware Of Pickpockets,” the EP’s first official single.

The Gallaugher brothers had this to say about the track…

“While visiting friends in New York one week we were inspired by an MTA public service announcement on the subway platform. The person speaking over the intercom had this creepy, muffled baritone voice that warned customers to ‘beware of pickpockets’ — it’s kinda cool to find inspiration in non-musical situations. The lyrics then began to shape itself around an individual waiting for a train who’s in a liminal state contemplating suicide.”

Listen to “Beware Of Pickpockets” by SWANES below.

The debut SWANES EP Biota comes on May 12th, check out the tracklist and artwork by Patrick McDermott below. SWANES are also working on their debut album, which is due out later this year.

1. Beware Of Pickpockets
2. Cheap Shots And Two Dollar Beers
3. Average Bear
4. Forever Falling
5. Love, Luck and Evolution