Bambi Lou is a new tender soul rock act via Montreal. The band features Geneva Gleason on keys, Georgia Peach on guitar & Brontë Jane on bass harmonies, with all three contributing vocals while Gleason takes lead. Created in efforts to make the kind of tunes made to you both cry and sway, Sidewalk Hustle is thrilled to premiere the trio’s debut single, “Call Waiting” which was recorded & mixed by Kate Cooper in Montreal. It’s a soft dreamy piece that has the girls stunningly singing, “you’re too scared to hold my hand when the shit goes down.” Amen sisters. As Geneva Gleason told us…

“This song emerges from a moment of conflict between being honest with myself about the nature of a relationship and wanting desperately for that nature to be different. It’s about trying to hold someone accountable for how they make you feel when you know you romanticize their existence.”

Listen to “Call Waiting” below.

You can catch Bambi Lou live at the dates below. Once Bambi Lou are back from tour they’re recording their EP so stay tuned for more!

Tour Dates
Oct 21 @ Mothlight, Montreal
Oct 29 @ Dillon, Reykjavik
Oct 30 @ Gaukurinn, Reykjavik