Italian fashion brand Prada launched its new line of makeup and skincare products, Prada Beauty, and it’s so good.

Teaming up with cosmetics giant L’Oréal, who acquired Prada’s fragrance license back in 2019, the highly-anticipated Prada Skin and Prada Color ranges are everything we expect from the brand: sleek, modern and aesthetically pleasing to boot.


On the skincare side, Prada introduced three pared-back products: The Cleanser, The Serum and The Cream. And when it comes to makeup, think bold eyeshadows in gold, brown, orange, and purple hues, alongside AI-developed foundations and matte lipsticks that are a nod to the brand’s signature runway look. The packaging showcases Prada’s signature triangle logo and is refillable, aligning with the brand’s commitment to a more sustainable future.

Prada Beauty worked with renowned makeup artist Lynsey Alexander to develop the products.

In a statement to WWD, Alexander said: “Every single palette, every single lipstick colour I feel super proud of because it’s been vetted through the toughest of audiences.”

Don’t expect any wild multi-shade palettes from Prada, either. “It’s too many. We don’t wear makeup like that anymore,” she said. “This is not the ’80s.” When it comes to eyeshadow, the brand released six four-colour palettes in a mix of mattes and metallics.

“We’ve used the most incredible hybrid formula, and it basically feels like a wet cream, but it has the performance and the payoff of a powder. There’s absolutely no fall-out. Mrs. Prada hates glitter, which is music to my ears. So everything metallic and shiny has a grown-up, luxe quality,” Alexander said.

“The concept was three neutral harmonies with one striking unexpected twist — sort of disruption of colour. That’s what gives it the Prada edge.”

Prada Beauty is exclusively available on, with plans for future expansion.