Poler Stuff x Airblaster ‘Ninja Suit’

Poler Stuff & Airblaster Ninja Suit 2

What’s cooler than a onesie? Obviously a ninja suit. Snow gear retailer Airblaster has collaborated with Portland-based outdoor goods brand, Poler Stuff. Known for their more rugged outdoor high-quality goods, Poler Stuff has taken a few notes from Airblaster’s books, mixing functionality with premium materials, it’s basically a match made in outdoor-gear heaven.

The ninja suit is made from premium merino wool (for that luxurious feel) and is odor resistant. With a full-length front chest zip and super easy front fly, this suit is all about being functional while looking like the onesie’s cooler, older sibling. Coming in four colours, red, yellow, blue, and black it’s available for both men and women on Poler Stuff and Airblaster’s respective sites now.

Poler Stuff & Airblaster Ninja Suit 1

Poler Stuff & Airblaster Ninja Suit 3

Poler Stuff & Airblaster Ninja Suit 4