Polaroid Instagram Camera

Polaroid Instagram Camera

We all love instagram right? So it would make sense that some creative genius out there would take a step further to make a instant version of the ap. And Socialmatic has come up with this prototype for a 16GB camera with a 4-inch wide screen which lets you pick your favourite retro filter, just like your fave ap, and then print it with a Zink (zero-ink) printer like a Polaroid, with a QR code of your instagram account info on its sticker backing.

Pretty cool right? According to Socialmatic, the release date is still pretty far off, but it may cost somewhere in the $350 range, which would be well worth it as a gift for any instagram-aholic.

Take a browse through some of the prototype shots below.

Polaroid Instagram Camera-2

Polaroid Instagram Camera-3

Polaroid Instagram Camera-4