PlastiChic Ice Cube Digital Watches

There has been a lot of buzz recently about these PlastiChic Ice Cube watches. I’ll be honest and say at first I didn’t much care. I tend to rock big heavy, metal watches, my favourite Swiss Army watch is about 10 years old and is without a doubt my favourite accessory. Yet, recently I found myself at a party, talking to someone I respect very much about his rather cool looking watch, which had caught my attention as it perfectly matched his outfit. The colourful timepiece, was of course a PlasticChic Ice Cube watch, and it was at this point I decided it was time to pay attention.

Designed in Italy, the Ice Cube watch is cool, techy, and features a large digital face. Coming in 18 different colours and coated in tourmaline to give the body excellent give. The watches haven’t only caught my attention, as Ralph Lauren’s daughter sells them in her Dylan’s Candy Bar, and have been featured in In Style in the Holiday Gift Guide as well as in this month’s Lou Lou magazine. These watches are pretty sweet and area available locally (in Canada/Toronto) at The Bay, Boathouse stores, the Shoe Company and Design Republic on Queen St. West. Go get them now! They will certainly make an excellent gift. I want the Orange one!!