Photo Ops “Someplace”

Photo Ops has released yet another track off his forthcoming full length How To Say Goodbye, which drops on February 26th via Solid Gold. “Someplace” is a little less dream pop than other tunes we’ve heard from Terry Price’s project, but it’s a perfect second single to get you hooked before the albums official drop. 

It brings to mind the now vintage indie pop of bands from the early 2000’s like The Decemeberists and The Shins, which really isn’t such a bad thing in a sea of brand new indie electro offshoots.

Head over to Rolling Stone to hear “Someplace” now and check out the track listing below.

How To Say Goodbye Tracklist:

1. All The World Is
2. It Makes Me Cry
3. Chameleons
4. Wanna Feel Good
5. Someplace
6. You Said You Were
7. February Ocean Breeze
8. Go To Sleep
9. A Hundred Miles Away
10. Sail Across My Eyes