Phone Review: HTC One X+

The fine folks at TELUS have graciously allowed us some one on one time with the beautiful new Android HTC One X+. After putting it to the rigorous test of daily urban life, there were several things noticeable right away, including the rounded edges, light weight, and a large screen. One of the stand out features of the phone was the simple fact that in order to access the home-screen, you have to drag and drop a ring that sits at the bottom of the screen. A simple feature that’s elegant in its simplicity.

Another interesting feature that comes with this particular phone is something known as FriendStream. When you first access FriendStream it asks you to login with your various social media accounts, and what it does with that is it basically aggregate’s most recent posts and tweets from your friends and those that you follow and displays them. FriendStream displays everything on a clipboard app that you can easily scroll through, it will even let you reply to tweets and posts easily from within the app.

Another great feature of the phone actually takes place when you plug it into your computer. HTC has created the HTC Sync Manager that allows you to access all the important files and gathers them all in one central location making it easy to transfer on to your phone.  Lastly, and very importantly, the phone comes with integrated Beats Audio which actually optimizes the phones audio hardware and software, making your headphones sound better.

The HTC One X+ is a fun phone and one that is particularly suited to those who find themselves completely immersed in social media.

This fun new HTC One X+ is available now exclusively through TELUS.