Montréal/Toronto producer and bone-shaking live act Petra Glynt has dropped a brand new track titled “This Trip” and a sweet dub edit to match. As the Canadian artist (whose real name is Alexandra Mackenzie) told The FADER

I wrote “This Trip” almost two years ago. It was potent then and it is more so now. It is the product of my frustrations between the mounting global climate crisis and the presence of digital distractions – the kind that isolate us and make us passive consumers of information. Also the kind that give us false, fleeting feelings of gratification – patting us on the back for no tangible achievement whatsoever. I ask, how can we move forward this way? The song is a general call for urgency.

Back in 2013, Mackenzie released her EP Of This Land and now she’s set to release a full-length on Vibe Over Method, which is founded by Los Angeles-based producer Damian Taylor (who made the sick matching dub edit of the new single). As Taylor told THUMP

I think the Petra Glynt drum approach is incredibly dope so I just wanted to let all that breathe in a different way while vortexing in on some key vocal phrases. I really didn’t want to divorce this version from her identity.

Listen to “This Trip” below, along with the rad dub edit of the track by Damian Taylor.

Grab a free download of “This Trip” here.