Pendleton Winter Gloves

I must own about three pairs of gloves, all of which are in immaculate condition. In fact I am pretty sure that at least two of those pairs I have never worn and still have the tags on. The thing about me and gloves is, that I hate wearing them. I find that I am always needing my hands to be free, whether it be changing the song, answering the phone, or sending a text, gloves tend to be more of a bother then a benefit. What about my cold hands? Well I put those in my pocket! However! Every year I think to myself, that this is going to be the year I get gloves that I will wear, and this year may very well be that year.  Check out the Pendleton gloves series which feature both a solid patternway and a special colourpatternway, all of which feature leather palms. If you like them like I like them they are now available from Blackbird.