Paul Budnitz Bicycle

Kidrobot founder and artist Paul Budnitz has created his own line of urban bikes called Paul Budnitz Bicycles. The bikes are available in two models, the No.1 which is designed for the “commuter” and the more playful No.2 with oversized tires. These high-end bicycles are made from titanium and weigh less than 3.3 lbs, and feature Budnitz’s signature split-tube Cantilever Frame for a smooth ride and improved responsiveness. Instead of gears and chains the bike features Gates Carbon Belts,  and a variety of handmade racing bike parts. The bikes are extremely detail oriented and really nice, and as such they will run you about five and a half grand per bike. Not bad considering you are getting a function piece of art, but not great if you just want a bike to ride.