PANES “Choice Errors” (JD. Reid Remix)


PANES is the brain child of Shaun Savage and Tyson McVey (daughter of Neneh Cherry), and it’s a beautiful one. Meshing together soulful melodies and harmonies with unexpected oriental samples, they result is a smooth but interesting take on a genre that seems to be so hot right now. JD Reid took their popular track “Choice Errrors” and gave it new life.

“JD is a friend that’s done lots of interesting production already, he’s part of a new vanguard of loosely-based rap music at the moment and he’s got a really great sound. Picking remixes is tricky because there’s a lot of talent out there and you’ve got to get it right. I reckon we did.” says Shaun. 

Listen to the evolution of “Choice Errors” below.