Palladium Fall Winter 2012

Do you like to pretend that you are in the French Foreign Legion while taking a stroll? Once outfitters to the French Foreign Legion, Palladium Boots meld both style and function in their Fall Winter 2012 collection. 

Adding a Waterproof Collection and the technologically advanced Thermal Collection you can wear your Palladiums in all seasons. The Thermal Collection consists of waterproof layers to ensure foot temperature is maintained (180 minute exposure at -20° C/-4° F). But, it’s not winter yet, and the Oxford, Slim, and Pampa silhouettes feature an athletic twist in the Blanc line with leather uppers and classic hues, engineered specifically for city strolls.

Palladiums style updates include an array of new textures and new colours for fall, winter and of course the blistering deserts where La Legion might take you.