Osheaga Music Festival 2015: Tyler, The Creator, BANKS, Brand New, Toro Y Moi & More

Osheaga 2015 Tove Lo Toro Y Moi Tyler The Creator Goldroom

After two days of music, golf carts and awkward celebrity encounters, Osheaga’s tenth birthday had to unfortunately come to an end on day three. Maybe it was the heat, or maybe it was the hangovers, but most goers could be found starting their day by laying in shaded grassy areas like herded cattle. 

Not afraid of a little sunshine, we began our day with the uplifting Toro Y Moi, alongside probably the biggest crowd we’ve seen all weekend at the arbour stage. We continued the sunny dance vibes with Goldroom’s newest live set at the picnic electronic and kicked things up to 11 alongside rockers Brand New, before heading to Tove Lo. The brooding Banks had the Valleé stage jamming, and the photographers wishing they’d turn on a bit of light. Finally we wrapped up an incredible weekend with the sometimes goofy and mostly controversial Tyler, The Creator.

Check out our snaps from day three below, as well as day one here, and day two here.

Toro Y Moi

Toro Y Moi Osheaga 5

Toro Y Moi Osheaga 3

Toro Y Moi Osheaga 1

Toro Y Moi Osheaga 2

Toro Y Moi Osheaga 4

Toro Y Moi Osheaga 6


Goldroom Osheaga 1

Goldroom Osheaga 7

Goldroom Osheaga 6

Goldroom Osheaga 12

Goldroom Osheaga 13

Goldroom Osheaga 10

Goldroom Osheaga 3

Goldroom Osheaga 11

Goldroom Osheaga 14

Goldroom Osheaga 4

Goldroom Osheaga 9


Brand New

Brand New Osheaga 6

Brand New Osheaga 3

Brand New Osheaga 2

Brand New Osheaga 5

Brand New Osheaga 4

Brand New Osheaga 8

Brand New Osheaga 7

Brand New Osheaga 1


Tove Lo

Tough Lo Osheaga 1

Tough Lo Osheaga 2

Tough Lo Osheaga 3

Tough Lo Osheaga 4


Banks Osheaga 1

Banks Osheaga 5

Banks Osheaga 3

Banks Osheaga 4

Banks Osheaga 2
Tyler, The Creator

Tyler The Creator Osheaga 2

Tyler The Creator Osheaga 7

Tyler The Creator Osheaga 5

Tyler The Creator Osheaga 4

Tyler The Creator Osheaga 3

Tyler The Creator Osheaga 6

Tyler The Creator Osheaga 1

Tyler The Creator Osheaga 8

Tyler The Creator Osheaga 9