Osheaga Music Festival 2015: Caribou, NAS, Alvvays, Lion Babe, & More

NAS Lion Babe ALVVAYS Caribou Osheaga 2015

Not even an impending thunderstorm could halt Osheaga goers on Day 2, with a riot of attendees flooding every possible entry way. But who could blame them, with acts like Nas, Caribou, and Kendrick Lamar ready to attack the day.

We kicked things off with local indie poppers Seoul, then followed up with who we thought was Action Bronson, but due to “travel issues” ended up being hip artist Narcy alongside Mos Def. Next up was the incredibly sexy Lion Babe, who was a bit delayed getting started, but brought some serious heat in the form of stunning vocals and raunchy dance moves. For the second time this week, we opted to check out Toronto darlings Alvvays. Nas brought the 90’s hip hop vibes, along with the day’s first and thankfully only intense rain storm. Seeing Kendrick last weekend, we decided to partake in Caribou, who’s trible electronic rhythm had the entire green stage trying to touch the sky.

Check out our photos from day 2 below now.






Mos Def Osheaga 1

Mos Def Osheaga 3

Mos Def Osheaga 2

Mos Def Osheaga 4


Lion Babe

Lion Babe Osheaga 8

Lion Babe Osheaga 6

Lion Babe Osheaga 7

Lion Babe Osheaga 2

Lion Babe Osheaga 4

Lion Babe Osheaga 5

Lion Babe Osheaga 3


NAS Osheaga 1

NAS Osheaga 2

NAS Osheaga 3

NAS Osheaga 4


Alvvways OSHEAGA 4

Alvvways OSHEAGA 1

Alvvways OSHEAGA 2

Alvvways OSHEAGA 3

Alvvways OSHEAGA 5


Alvvways OSHEAGA 6


Carabou Osheaga 2

Carabou Osheaga 3

Carabou Osheaga 4

Carabou Osheaga 5

Carabou Osheaga 6

Carabou Osheaga 1

Carabou Osheaga 7

Carabou Osheaga 8