Osheaga 2013 Day 1: DIIV, Wild Belle, Lianne La Havas, Palma Violets, Rudimental, Diamond Rings & The Cure

Osheaga 2013

Feeling Osheaga envy? Fair enough. We don’t blame you, but that’s also why we’re here! Check out our Day 1 recap, photos and vines below so you can find out what went down.

DIIV at Osheaga 2013

DIIV at Osheaga 2013-2

DIIV at Osheaga 2013-3

DIIV at Osheaga 2013-4

We kicked off our festival weekend off with our new/old favourites DIIV. The Brooklyn boys had the usual messy hair no care swagger about them as they played though last year’s album Oshin – which is pretty rad if you’ve still yet to check it out.

After their set we had a quick chat. Like… very quick.


Wild Belle Osheaga 2013

Wild Belle Osheaga 2013-2

Wild Belle Osheaga 2013-3

Psychedelic pop act Wild Belle were up next. Darling as stylish as heck, the sibling duo did good. Front babe Natalie Bergman’s voice is smokey sweet and her brother Elliot really knows how to sax it up.

Lianne La Havas Osheaga 2013

Lianne La Havas Osheaga 2013-2

Lianne La Havas was as stunning as she sounds. Even her name is velvety smooth to say. We may or may not have accidentally ambushed her golf cart later in the day and she may or may not have been a total sweetheart about it. Just the nicest.

Palma Violets Osheaga 2013-3

Palma Violets Osheaga 2013-2

Palma Violets Osheaga 2013-4

Palma Violets Osheaga 2013

Palma Violets proved to us what all the hype was about. These Brit boys are serious when it comes to rocking out.

Rudimental Osheaga 2013

Rudimental Osheaga 2013-2

Rudimental Osheaga 2013-3

UK drum and bass act Rudimental tore up the electronic stage. While the weather was nice and hot there was nothing more refreshing than seeing a proper electronic act use so many live instruments. Live vocals, horns and more. The energy was insane.

They closed up with “Feel The Love” (a the festival summer chune if there ever was) and we all had a bit of a heartwarming singalong.

Diamond Rings Osheaga 2013

Diamond Rings Osheaga 2013-2

With the day suddenly turning to night we creeped over to catch Torontonian Diamond Rings and slither around to his shadowy synth pop sounds. Diamond Rings has really come into his own and is looking more polished than ever. No pun intended?

The Cure Osheaga 2013

The Cure Osheaga 2013-2

And then the night closed up with The Cure. What can we say other than Robert Smith are crew are legends. Lipstick on and hair as messy as ever. Friday I’m in love indeed.

Now who’s ready for day 2?